William O’Brien Park has numerous events, programs and instructional classes through out the year.  Each item is listed in chronological order, but take notice, some events occur in multiple months and days.  The item is listed in order by the first occurrence.  



We will endeavor to be as accurate as possible, and will make changes as the need arise. 



Please Mark Your Calendar!!




   February 3, 3pm

Meet Mr. William O’Brien!

William O’Brien was one of Minnesota’s most successful businessmen during the heyday of logging in Minnesota and the St. Croix Valley during the 1890’s.  He owned and operated logging camps, saw mills, even trains to move timber from Minnesota’s remote forests to build cities throughout the United States.  His businesses survived despite the damages and losses caused by the Great Hinckley Fire of 1894.  Local storyteller Dwight Wilcox will present an afternoon program as Mr. William O’Brien, explaining how William O’Brien State Park was started through generous donations of the O’Brien family and relating the harrowing events of the 1984 Hinckley Fire.  We will meet around the fire at the Visitor Center!  For more information please call the park at 651-433-0500.



   February 3, 4:30pm to 8pm 

Candlelight Walk Along the St. Croix River



William O’Brien State Park will be hosting a special candlelight walkalong the beautiful St. Croix River on Saturday, February 3rd from 4:30 p.m. until 8:00 p.m. Start at the Visitor Center, then follow the flickering lights as they lead you down the hill, and then along Lake Alice and the St. Croix River. Look for stars and listen for owls as you walk along this packed 2.5 mile trail. When you make it back up the hill, hot apple cider, and marshmallows for roasting awaits you at the Visitor Center. For more information please call the park at 651-433-0500.




  February 10, 2pm

Snake Discovery


Ready for a taste of spring? Slither into the world of reptiles at William O'Brien State Park by meeting several of our native species up close! Join special presenter Emily Roberts of “Snake Discovery” at this hands-on program! You'll be able to touch, hold, and even feed some of the snakes, all while learning what makes them so unique! We'll also be debunking some of the myths about reptiles.  Meet at the Visitor Center! For more information please call the park at 651-433-0500.





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